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BRIO 33014 Unicef Mission set: Immuno

BRIO 33014 Unicef Mission set: Immuno

As part of the Measles Initiative, BRIO, together with UNICEF, launched this train set to raise awareness about kids who don't have the chance to get the vaccine. Part of the proceeds went to vaccinations for children. For every 50 sets sold, 700 children would be able to get vaccinated.

The UNICEF character in the set is called Cef, and the virus is called Siruv.

I show the backside of the buildings on the photo as those are the ones you don't often see in other photos of this set. It shows sad kids sitting inside while the virus is flying around outside, as well as the back of the Unicef building with some sort of jail where they contain the virus.
A booklet comes with the set as well. It tells a story about how kids are getting ill, how they call Cef and how he comes to vaccinate the kids who are then protected with the virus particles bouncing off of them.

The whole vaccination issue is very topical again, now in early 2021, with the worldwide vaccinations for Covid-19 ramping up significantly.

Other than the already unique properties of this set there is one more quirk. It comes with a switch, six large curves and three small ones. I have arranged them as they are shown on the box. Two of the short curves are put behind the switch, so that leaves one switch (with large curve), six large curves and 1 small curve. Everyone knows you can't make a perfectly fitting circle with 7 large curves and 1 small one. Very strange.