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TrackBuilder 0.9

And again another release with some improvements. Version 0.9 meaning it's pretty much "feature" complete for the MVP that I envisioned at first.

I've tidied up the code and it should be a bit less fickle now. You should be able to paste in whole strings of tracks and they should render.

The tracks that got added in this release are:

  • Cross Track
  • Criss Cross Track
  • Turntable
  • Stop&Go Crossing
  • Double Straight Track

I also made some macOS specific code not run if the app launches on Windows.

Known issues:

  • Double Curved Tracks won't "nudge" yet
  • Switching Tracks don't rotate or nudge
  • The app does not "follow" the entered track out of view so some scrolling is needed

Here's the download link.