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Upgraded to Drupal 7

Today I upgraded the website to Drupal 7. Drupal 7 has been out for a couple of months now so the time seemed right. That, and the yearly skiing holiday in which Dries and I usually do "something" for our website.

Somehow the first upgrade went bad with a failing database upgrade. I think it might have been related to not actually uninstalling the Drupal 6 Mollom module. All I did was disable it.

I put a backup of the previous version of back. This involved cursing a bit as I hadn't taken a backup of the database after my last story. In short I can say is hosted at DreamHost now after a very short stint at iPage (turns out they only give you 250MB per inbox, which isn't advertised anywhere on the website)

In any case, the 2nd upgrade worked except for some time zone warnings. Drupal 7 went from time zone "numbers" to actual time zones and it sort of warns you about it in a scary way. It cannot pick a default time zone so all that needs to be done is set it again.

The other errors I got were when trying to create this story:

Notice: Undefined index: description in field_multiple_value_form() (line 156 of bensch/modules/field/

Apparantly, the Internet says, this is fixed by visiting Administrator -> Structure -> Content types, click "manage fields" for each content type defined and just save the settings again. It worked.

The last error appeared on top of the page was when I visited Administrator -> Appearance to find out about Drupal's new default theme. It had not been able to select a theme so I had to set one and save. I chose Bartik as default theme.

One other strange thing is that I had lost the "Administer" link in the menu as I logged in after the upgrade... So I couldn't actually "click" on anything to get into the administrator section. At first I freaked and thought the upgrade had erased my admin flag leaving the website without admin and no way of getting it back without some SQL magic. A lucky guess for did the trick. *phew*

Reinstalling Mollom for Drupal 7 was a no-brainer. Nothing to report there.

I could've gone for which I actually suggest if you want to get a website up in no time and have a great choice of default themes and color schemes.

But I decided not to.