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What I want is an HD XR1200.

But why? Well, I just started my new job as Smalltalk developer in Groot-Bijgaarden, near Brussels in Belgium. Brussels, being our capital, equals muchos traficos jammos, especially when coming from Antwerp. I knew I'd be traffic jamming of course, taking this job, but it looked attractive so I went ahead with it... keeping the idea of a motorcycle in the back of my mind.

Now that I'm actually _in_ those traffic jams my envy of the motorbikes passing us by every morning and evening is growing on me. So the time has come to decide whether I want to buy a bike or not. The problem is... I really like the Harley-Davidson XR1200. I am a Harley-Davidson fan. It's a new bike, since June. It came out in Europe first, something which got many US bike-lovers upset as this is the first time ever HD releases a motorcycle in Europe first... They say they designed it for the European way of riding, adapted to a european male's weight and height. If I were an american, I'd take that as an insult... but they're right ;)

Anyway, the bike looks cool. I want the orange one (why does that have to be the more expensive colour?) because I'm flashy like that. The problem is that its a naked bike. This also explains its coolness. What also makes it supercool is the way Harley builds bikes. They are _simple_. The look of the bike is simple, the engine is simple. Nothing's complicated on a Harley. No explosion of little bolts and levers and valves and tubes going places making the whole engine look like a spaceship. None of that. Simplicity. Some might argue they're so simple they break down constantly. Right. Moving on. But here's the thing: naked bikes mean hard work. It means you'll be wetter and colder than on other motorbikes, less protected from wind and seemingly more vulnerable on our roads. You're practically getting a free arm-extension driving over 100km/h, clinging on to the handle-bar.

I have to drive 50km to and from work every day. My question to you is... (and not a living soul reads this website anyway but still... ;)) what do I do? Do I go for a new HD XR1200 which will make me look cool while freezing my fingers off... or do I go for the Honda Deauville, or Yamaha Fazer or Honda VFR or some other more comfortable, though hideous, touring model?