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BRIO 33284 Network Educational Set

BRIO 33284 Network Educational Set

Since I started collecting BRIO I had always shunned away from buying any BRIO Network because it didn't appeal to me. BRIO Network aren't "real" trains... and it also comes in a plastic box, something that I don't particularly like either. This being the "Network Educational Set" tells me that this was marketed to schools in the early 2000s and it's probably good for durability to have a plastic box in class instead of a cardboard one.

In February 2020 I saw this set for sale, which I gather to be pretty exclusive as I hadn't seen it sold anywhere until then. It did come with three parts missing... the two bridge pillars that came with it were not genuine BRIO. The ones depicted in the photo are BRIO though. And then there's one little ramp track missing... There should be two in the middle of the layout instead of just one.

The set contains the following standalone BRIO Network items: