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BRIO Network

BRIO Network Layout

In 2006 BRIO launched BRIO Network. A cooperation with designer Isak Åkerlund first, and later in 2007 with both Isak Åkerlund and Milan Kosovic.
The theme represents what goes on "behind the screens" inside our computers, with viruses stealing and corrupting messages and good guys chasing after them in their electro trains, containing them in the Virus Transporter Unit.
It was a fun concept but ultimately it did not sell well. BRIO Network was thus shortlived from its introduction in 2006 until 2008. There were no new Network products in 2008, in fact not even all of 2007's Network products made it into stores. The 2007 Foldout shows "Network houses" and a virus containment base, and although I got my hands on a small "houses" set, it was never actually sold.